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TamTalk!!! is a weekly email newsletter which publishes on Wednesday.  The newsletters are then archived here on the site.  The goal of the newsletter is to share creative inspiration and motivation for positive growth along with updates on my latest publications and releases.


Joyful Noise


"...from wilting tree to giving tree..."


Open Thank You Letter to My First Family and Community


Sometimes, you just gotta testify...


Revelation Resolution


Happy New Year 2016!!!

Don't forget to do the clean up work before diving into your New Year's Resolutions!!! 


Why me?


When we are struggling to understand the madness or pain of our lives, it’s easy to ask, “Why me?”


INTERVIEW: Miss MeaResea Homer


Welcome, Miss MeaResea Homer to TamTalk!!!

Looking for a bit of motivation and inspiration?

Check out what this young lady is doing!!!





I've got company coming!!!  Interviews coming soon on the blog!  Stay tuned!


Acknowledgement: A Response to My Sisters 40 and Childless


40 and Childless? This is for you!




Even for those of us who are completely capable of doing it, it’s scary.


Bears, Bugs, and Geckos, Oh My!


I had no idea that I was actually moving to Jurassic Park. 


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