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TamTalk!!! is a weekly email newsletter which publishes on Wednesday.  The newsletters are then archived here on the site.  The goal of the newsletter is to share creative inspiration and motivation for positive growth along with updates on my latest publications and releases.




Even for those of us who are completely capable of doing it, it’s scary.


Bears, Bugs, and Geckos, Oh My!


I had no idea that I was actually moving to Jurassic Park. 


Summer Madness 2014!!!



Here's a look at my Summer 2014 Adventures: 4 states in 2 months!!! Have poetry; will travel!!!


WRITE WOMAN: Kiara Morris



Introducing Writer/Woman, Kiara Morris...


Ready, Set, Yes!


Ever prayed or asked for something and then wondered if you were ready to receive it?  This may help!




New Chapters


Are you letting go of old chapters to write new ones?


Pick up the pieces!


Are you keeping it together or letting others pull you and your life apart?


Birthday Illumination


I thank you for reminding me to step firmly on bridges but never burn them because I just might need to tip toe across them again.





Believe it or not, I still don't consider myself a blogger!


Open Love Letter to Dr. Maya Angelou


While so many are eulogizing and praising and even archiving you in critical papers, I simply wanted to offer you this, my thank you note and love letter.


From Hiding to Healing


Let’s talk about that thing we don’t like to talk about…


Short Sale


Are you selling yourself far too short? Time for a quality control check NOW!




When was the last time you got some play time or recess? Are you overdue?


Taking Care


Before her death after a lengthy debilitating illness at the age of 59, my mama’s mantra was, “Tamara, take care of yourself. Please take care of yourself.”


Out of the Closet


Did you ever have one of those life-changing moments that backed you into a corner where you could hardly move or breathe and you had to confront someone or something?... Mine happened at the spa.


Second Opinion


Ever want to just tell one of your critics to go to hell? Yeah, well, I decided to write a blog post instead!


Remembering your Power!



I started to sit this one out. After all, didn’t I deserve it?




Just when I thought I had it all together, all hell broke loose...


Pissed and Purple!


“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.”
Alice Walker, The Color Purple




Why Poetry?



Why on earth would anybody bother to be a poet? Find out...





Want to know how you can be of assistance? Click here! Available for a limited time only!





Retreat, Rest, Revive!!!  We MUST include ourselves in the giving/loving/celebrating equation on a daily and regular basis. 


Living Masterpiece



Being a living masterpiece means that we are continually sculpting, molding, writing, dancing, singing, and painting from that infinite treasure chest called my soul…


Creative Gifting



How about breaking a bit from tradition and giving a bit more creatively?


Beyond Words is simple lip service if we do not take the time to cherish and nurture the gifts that we are born to be...


Mirror Feast



When was the last time you took a long, luscious look in the mirror?





...let your feelings be your guide to propel you forward, not your deterrent to hold you back!...


Bless Them


We must remember while mourning the loss of our loved ones to celebrate the lives they lived.


What's your story?



Is your story serving you? Does it motivate and inspire you and others around you?... If not, it’s time for a re-write!!!


Kentucky Curdled 3-D Release!


My latest offering Kentucky Curdled a collection of poetry and essay based on a family story is now available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook!


Visiting Valencia College


Kudos to Prof. Deyon Williams and the amazing creative writing students of Valencia College in sunny Orlando, Florida!


Loving the Let Go!



Have you been thankful for those who for whatever reason released you?


War Goddess



"I, ju woman,/ will break bread of stone,/ ...and sop blood with a biscuit

for you." - War Goddess by Tamara J. Madison


Breaking Your Holding Pattern


What holding pattern will you break for yourself?


In Our Own Time


...this is a very raw, uncut version of TamTalk!!! with me writing to you in tears... with this lump in my throat and sniffles and me trying to breathe...


Flava In Ya Ear



You have the power and the right to change the diet, adjust the station, tune the frequency to the way you want your life to flow and grow!


My Mother's Daughter


Her smile spit-shines rainbows;

mosquitoes hush their humming

just to hear her sing;

dusk awaits her warmth impatiently…

Excerpt from “Libations” by Tamara J. Madison


Are You Surviving or Thriving?




...Too often during times of crisis, we feel powerless because we do not have the money or expertise or experience to offer those we love who are also in pain...


Your Calling is Waiting



When we ignore and avoid the calling in our lives, we deny ourselves, our magic, our power, and  our uniqueness through which we can express our greatest passions and joy and bless others around us.


What have you done for YOU lately?



Lovingly and healthily doing for ourselves gives us that “second wind” to continue to be joyfully and effectively of service to others as well as to ourselves.  It helps us to show up to life with a buff and shine!


Ssshhh! This is a quiet one...



How can we hear our soul’s deepest secrets and heart’s desires when there is cacophony all about us?


Poetry Saves Lives!!!


Poetry Saves Lives???

While we are marching, demonstrating, petitioning, legislating, debating and mourning over the lives of our young people, we must also make sure that we are LISTENING TO AND HEARING them.


Open letter to the black youth who cocked the gun in my son's face



Open letter to the black youth who cocked the gun in my son's face yet allowed him to live... (I am following my heart here. Bare with me...)

It has taken me forever to draft this letter to you. I have thought of it many, many times but have never begun it. Somehow in the chaos of recent events, I simply felt that I could not wait any longer.


Reminders Amid Chaos


...Our children must know that they are invaluable and precious to us every day no matter what happens...


Family First


...Remembering that we are family first and all else thereafter helps us to navigate the matrix of pain and isolation to arrive at the place of peace, belonging and purpose...




For the disciplined mind, steel spined,

Cards, a new tie, cologne, tickets to his favorite game or event, perhaps a special dinner or picnic in the park… 


Early bird? Worm first?



…my heart rings

hallelujah arias…


The other morning, I awoke to a symphony of birds chirping outside my window.   It sounded as though there were dozens of them huddled together tweeting, chirping, tooting up a storm! 






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