Soul Poetica


a poem must breathe,

feel, think, sing,


the heavy clouds

of muddy silence


a poem carries a nickel bag

DNA- recorded steps-

Father and Mother’s helix duet


a poem lies, cheats, steals

and stills,

redeems itself


a poem shakes loose the noose,

jerks the knot,

blossoms the wilting tree


a poem forgets to remove its shoes,

steps on holy ground,

walks on stormy waters

prays, curses



@ 2018, Tamara J. Madison


Story behind the poem:  This poem was inspired by Poet M. Ayodele Heath during a workshop at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.  Participants were challenged to write a poem about poetry and its meaning and purpose.  This has turned out to be one of my favorites over the years.  Thank you, Ayodele!